Sunday, August 28, 2011

M. Post Storm

The rough part of the storm is now past our house.  All that seems to be left is some wind and maybe just some more rain.  Good news is, we all evacuated to a place that only got rain, we are safe, but I have no idea what our house looks like.

Over night, we were receiving pictures through Facebook of our flooded town.  Not that this was the first time our home town has been flooded, but these pictures were amazing.  Also, there were those few morons that decided to stay and loot other people's homes.  Again, I hope that the looting wasn't employed in our neighborhood, but if it did, at least we are safe.

There were reports that 90% to 95% of the entire county was evacuated and only about 5 to 10% stayed.  The sad part of it is that most of the people we know stayed.  I have gotten reports from most of them that they are alright, but I have no idea what possessed them to stay.  I hope as the wind hammers the county, as the tail end of the storm goes by, they will remain well and safe.

This wasn't taken by us, but it was posted to Facebook by one of our friends.  The place in the photo is several blocks from the back bay and it is sort of a dive bar anyway, but shows just how high the water got.


  1. Glad you all are safe. Hope the house isn't in too much of a mess.

  2. Thanks LG, a friend of ours took a look and said the water level got high, but it looks like the water stayed outside and we don't have a basement to worry about.