Wednesday, August 10, 2011

F is for...

This week in the ABC of Your Home State, brought to you by Fleur de Aleta, we talk about the letter F.

In New Jersey there isn't too much going on geographically with the letter F, at least not that I can think of.  We talked about it and Amy and I came up with these fun NJ favorites, we hope you enjoy.

Fried Oreo - The fried Oreo is exactly what it sounds like, aside from a heart attack style cookie.  It originated on the Wildwood boardwalk and has been a Jersey Shore favorite since.  I know that it sounds kind of nasty, but if ever given a chance to try it, it is worth it.

Funnel Cake - Again with the fried stuff.  I think that most states might have funnel cake by now, but we have a special multi flavored array of choices.  All you have to do is fry up some pancake batter and cover it with confection sugar, oh the sugar rush!

Fair - Believe it or not, we are still the garden state here in NJ.  A large part of that is our County fairs.  Most counties in NJ have a fair and these fairs range in style from different rides, attractions, some are more farm oriented, and there is always the key element of the F which is FUN.

Fishing - I know that we have mentioned it before, but NJ has some of the best fresh and salt water fishing in the entire country.  And, I can promise that there are no extra eyes or fins.

Fist Pumping - An innate quality that we in NJ are born with.  Yes it is true, we can't help it most of the time.  Now, to clear something up, people down in South Jersey, where we are from, don't use it quite so often as North Jersey, but we still know how to do it.

ABC Your Home State

Thanks for reading about our great state.  We look forward to telling you about what we have with the letter G, next week on Wednesday.


  1. You did a great job with the letter F - very creative! I've heard of the Fried Oreo's, but never tried them! And the Fist pumping made me laugh.