Saturday, August 27, 2011

A. Jester, Our Hotel dog

Due to the upcoming hurricane (IRENE) we have been forced to evacuate and leave our house. We have two dogs Jester, and Chloe and Cat Shaggy and fish a bird and hamster that belong to my 8yr old.  We lucked out and found a hotel that takes dogs. Chloe our black lab is not a dog dog. She is very protective and can get very mean around other dogs. She is now staying with one of many sisters in safer ground. The fish , bird and hamster are riding out the storm back in our house. I feel bad but its just too much and I pray they are ok.

Shaggy the family cat; we tried to take to the hotel with us but they don't take cats. We did find a kennel and I know he is safe. I miss him like crazy. He is the oddest cat that I have ever seen. He follows us around like a lost puppy, waits at the door when you come home and talks. He is the very vocal and answers you when you talk to him. He jumps in the bath tub and shower with me. He also does not like to be insulted. The first time my mom met Shaggy she said he was cute but not as cute as her cat. That was 3 years ago and he still has not forgiving  her.  He hisses at her every time she comes near him. He normally is  a very friendly cat just don't insult him.

Then there is Jester, he is our 2yr old Golden Retriever. He is my third baby. I wanted 3 children and medically we can't have anymore but are very blessed with the two we do have so my husband got me a puppy. He IS my baby. He is spoiled rotten. He follows me around the house and always has to be touching me. It can be very annoying but I love it. He is with us at the Hotel. I wasn't quite sure how he would do, but he is loving it. He rides the elevator like a pro and even sat at the Bar with us last night in the lobby.  He is doing very well living in one room. We have a backyard at home so we don't walk him like we should. He has taken to leash here and is loving his potty walks. Something we will be
doing a lot more when we get home.

We are riding out IRENE in this gorgeous hotel with our children who think this is a mini vacation, my parents, their dog, my grandma, her dog, my brother and his roommate and of course Jester. I can't wait to see all my other animals but I have to say it Jester is my favorite.


  1. It's good to know that you've found a good temporary home for your cat and dogs. Though it's quite sad to know that you have to leave your other pets in your home. Did they survive the storm?