Saturday, August 6, 2011

M. Goodreads

Going back to what Nathan had asked the other day, what social networking sites do you use?

It seems like everyone and their mother has a blog now-a-days and a Facebook page. Then, don’t even start on Twitter. If I could just get as many followers as a simple peacock in NY that jumped off a building, how did he get so many followers? Of course there are the select few using Google+ but the rest of us have to wait.

You could even count the discussion boards on Amazon, if you would like.

That really isn’t what I want to talk about though. I want to talk about Goodreads. Have any of you tried it yet, because I finally started using my account and I am becoming quickly addicted. It is an entire online community build around the idea of a book club and it is awesome. All you need to do is go on, make some friends, join some groups, talk about books, get recommendations, and oh yeah read.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so, I think you will find it to be as interesting as I do. Also, if you are already on Goodreads and looking for a new friend, look us up, we’re listed.

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