Wednesday, August 24, 2011

H is for...

This week in the ABC of your state, brought to you by Fleur de Aleta, we are discussing the letter H in NJ.

There are only a few places that we can think of and want to share them with some fun.
Hair style: Well to start we will just get this out of the way. I know that most people that few NJ through a microscope and watch us through a tube, can tell that our sense of style is different. One of those fashion sense items is the big hair, enormous amounts of hairspray (enough that there may be a hole in the ozone above NJ), and varying styles.

Horses: Believe it or not, as the garden state, we have horses. We already told you that the first state that housed a rodeo was NJ, but little do people know we still have them today. There are horses on our farms and some are bred for racing.

Hammonton: The town of Hammonton is also known as the blueberry capitol of the world. While they have other business and history, their key fact is that the town is filled with blueberries and they are proud of it.

Hamilton Mall: One of the small malls in NJ, Hamilton mall services the Atlantic City region and houses all of the great things you would expect to find in a mall, from a Spencer’s Gifts (A place to by naughty junk) to Kay’s Jewelers (A place to buy Amy’s next gift).

Hoboken: While we haven’t ever been there, we have been told that it is one of the greatest party places in the Tristate area. Also, don’t forget, it was the home of the great Frank Sinatra.

High Point State Park: Just as the name says, it is the highest point in NJ. It stands at 1,800 feet. Compared to most places it isn’t that high and we are lucky our state gets that high.

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