There are many words that can be used to go into describing my roles in life, husband, father, and aspiring writer.
I have been married for eight years and will soon be nine. I love my wife and treasure every moment that I am able to spend with her. Not only have we been together for a great deal of years and will be for many more but we have been friends since the age of eight.

We also have two beautiful children, a son and daughter. They are two of the greatest and most imaginative children alive, not that I'm partial. They make me smile every day and I thank god every day that I see their faces. On top of our own children we have also taken in my youngest sister-in-law who is a 17 year old girl. With the three of them we keep ourselves extremely busy.
My goal has always been to be a published writer but up until this point in my life it has been unachieved. Not because I lack the ability, because I haven't taken the time to reach my goal and have always told myself that it was insurmountable. Now though, with the help of my wife, we are taking strides to reaching that finish line. To date we have finished, well at least the rough drafts, a few short stories, a young adult book, and two novels.

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