Wednesday, August 3, 2011

E is for...

In the state of New Jersey, we have some great sites that have to do with the letter E.  One of the greatest inventors even.

Lucy the Elephant - In Margate, NJ.  A large elephant structure built in town that at one point or another we have all seen, but can't explain why it's there.

Egg Harbor - A large body of water between Cape May and Atlantic Counties that features great fishing, boating, and sometimes a not so great smell.

Edison, NJ -  Thomas Edison invented items that led to for than 400 patents at his Industrial "Invention" Park. These Menlo Park inventions include the phonograph and the incandescent lamp.

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  1. I love those three E's! How unique and interesting and they made me smile. I'd want to see all of them :) Thank you for participating in challenge :)