Thursday, August 11, 2011


Finally, after a year and a few months of writing, rewriting, editing, & copy-editing, our paranormal thriller, Liberty is available.  We decided, like Tristen, that it would be best to self publish and without further ado, we present:

Liberty Sytes has spent her entire life trying to forget her mother’s schizophrenic episodes, the fear on her mother’s face and the paranoia that would broadcast in her eyes.

However, while standing on the Wildwood Boardwalk, as a part-time class two cop, she begins to remember. Not because of sadness or longing for her mother, but because suddenly she feels the paranoia of being watched.
Unfortunately, the feeling of being watched turns to blacking out and then the blacking out leads to the sights of murder. Libbi is forced to prove her own innocence and sanity after being found directly in the center of a gruesome murder scene.
Will her own new found secrets, if told, prove her innocence or seal her guilt? She remembers one thing, from watching her mother, that it may be best to leave some secrets untold.

LIBERTY is available from Amazon for the Kindle and as a paperback, as well as being available from B&N for the Nook.  The EBook is only 99 cents and the print version is $9.99.

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