Thursday, July 7, 2011

A. Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

As a writer I LOVE to read. I panic when I am about to finish a book and don't have another one lined up. I seriously have a full on heart racing sweating panic attack to the point that I can't finish the book until I know what book I am reading next. I also normally stick to a few Authors, Nora Roberts (writing under J.D Robb as well) Kay Hopper, J.K. Rowling, James Patterson. I have branched out in the past here and there and read other Author's, books someone would say you have to read this. I usually enjoy them but don't always read anything else by that writer.

So as a writer trying to get my own works read I stepping out of my comfort zone and reading a new authors for me all summer along. I was on Amazon ordering books for my children's summer reading and decided to give Amanda Hockings a try. I order Switched. This will be the third book this summer that i am reading by a different writer.  Hopefully i can stick to my guns and not fall back to my safety net of reading till September. Sorry to all my favorites, I will not be picking up any of your books till the end of summer. You will be missed


  1. I think reading new stuff is great for your writing. New techniques, new ways of handling things, new ideas = good stuff.

  2. Thanks. My husband was reading my blog last night before I got home and said when I walked in the door. " I noticed your were reading other stuff, Good for you". For a moment i felt like i was three and was being praised for for putting my shoes on the right feet.