Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A. Summer Time

Schools out and the kids are home for the summer. The chaos in our lives is on a role. We live in a resort area down by the beach. The summer is in full session. No parking, college kids drinking and fighting outside our house untill the wee hours of the night. While living in a resort are has its perks, the vactioners seen to forget that we have to go to work we have children that still need to go bed and that we are NOT on vaction everyday.

We do get to enjoy the beach, where i can not wait to write this year. We get to enjoy the boardwalk and waterparks with out paying for the parking since we can walk. All that is great. We bitch and moan about all the vactioners and call them names, but the insperation that they bring is amazing. I love sitting outside and catching tid bits of their conversation and coming up with a story of who they are. Wondering if we can use any peice of them in one of our books as the villian or the victim or even just as a little side story. 

We are very lucky that where we live has a quiet time and a chaotic time to influence our writing.

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