Tuesday, June 14, 2011

M. Favorite Word

My favorite word in the English language, of all time, is tintinnabulation. I think I was in sixth or seventh grade when my English teacher first taught me the word and it has stuck with me since.

For any that don’t know the meaning, it means the ringing of the bells. I think it was first used by Edgar Allen Poe in The Bells.

As for the last fact, I am not certain, but the first is true. The word has stuck with me for most of my life. I am not sure if it’s just because of how melodic it sounds, or the fact that when I say it, it evokes the meaning in the pronunciation.

Whenever it is said or if I see it on paper, my mind goes to a beautiful chorus of church bells ringing. I know that it isn’t onomatopoeia, but it does make you imagine bells ringing when you hear it.

What is your favorite word? Can you remember what word made you fall in love with the English language?

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