Friday, June 10, 2011

A. Who Does More Work?

I think this is an age old question in a marriage. In the old days the husband would leave for work in the morning, and the wife would stay home, clean, take care of the children, do the laundry cook the meals and run the errands of the day. Then the husband would come home exhausted and be waited on. So who did more work there? I would say the Wife.

Today is a little different. In most households both people work. In my household we both work and the other things get divided. We both take care of our children's needs, we both do laundry, (my husband does more of it.) I do most of the cooking, but not all. We divide the chores maybe not in half all the time but pretty close.

As we write together, I question this a lot. Who does more work? I feel my husband does. he is the typer, he is much better with words I feel. I am the story teller.don't get me wrong my husband is also a story teller. I think we fill in the blanks for each other when we are coming up with a plan. Of course my husband claims he does not do more work. i still feel like sometimes he does. I guess that is my own insecuritys.  He tells me he couldn't do it on his own, which i know because he has tried and so have I. We need each other for Writing and everything else. So in the Long wrong does it matter who does more work? Or does it?


  1. We share the work and don't think anything else.