Tuesday, June 7, 2011

M. Obstacles

Do the obstacles that we face in life form our character or does our character define how we face those obstacles?

The past year has been a far cry from anything but challenging.  As some of you know, I battled a year long illness that thankfully has suppressed.  I don't feel that every part of the experience was horrible, even though there were days that I wondered why it was happening to me.  But, if I hadn't faced the monster of boredom, I wouldn't have begun to write again.

While I was out, I was able to spend an amazing amount of time with my children.  And, I know that I wouldn't have otherwise.  My wife and I were able to also spend every day together and create a passion for story telling that we had always wanted to pursue.  But, when it came down to it, there were days that I wasn't sure if I would ever get better.

Now that I am better, I can say that I have changed as a person.  My outlook at home, work, and with life is completely different then it was before.  Before last year, there were days that I would let stress get to me and I would panic over the simplest of life's issues.  Now though, I look at those issues and trivial blips in life's journey as just that, blips.

We still try to write as much as humanly possible and unfortunately blogging has gotten away from us.  But, when it comes down to it, I know, it will all work out.  I feel stronger as a person then I ever have and can say that I now cherish life in a way that I haven't ever understood.

To answer my own question, I will say both.  I now believe that your character does define how you perceive and face obstacles, but the obstacles are the blocks that build the foundation for your character.


  1. Sounds like you have a good emotional story element there to work with. You went through the character arc and came out changed in the end. :)

  2. It seems cliche to say that a person can change so swiftly, but it really is true. It can happen.

  3. Our characters are most of the time projections of parts of ourselves, so I guess is only natural for both to grow through obstacles together. :)