Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A. What is Normal?

Almost two years I thought my life was normal. Well my normal anyway.  Then it all changed. My husband and son were sick. Really sick, like doctors every other week for one of them. Neither of there illness were life threatening, but still devastating. My son who is only 8 has several diagonis. He has ashma ( very treatable and we have under contril.) He has JRA( jurvinal Rhuemotaid Arthitis) pretty scarry and still not sure what to expect with that. He also has what they call Ashma of the gut. It causes him to throw up and lose weight( and trust me my son can't afford to lose weight) He is aslo allergic to 8 different foods, eggs, milk, chicken, beef, pork, potatoes, tomatoes, and barley. Dinners are fun at my house. as of today he is doing good and everything is being managed and we hope it stays that way. My husband went threw a over a year of not working due to his illness,( which is still yet to be diagonosed) all of his symptoms are gone at the moment and he is back to work.

Anyway when the shit it the fan for over a year, i used to cry whenever i was alone and ask for my life to go back to normal. Now  that everthing seems to be back to normal, its really not. Its not the same normal as before. Durning the year of Hell as i called it. My husband and I gained alot and learned alot. We can follow our dreams to write and our marrige (which has been tested and tested over the last year) is so much stronger. He is different too. After everything he has been threw with his illness he has a new look on life. Our children got to spend a year with daddy home all day and their relationship is so much stronger.

So again what is normal?  I am not sure anymore. I don't want my old normal back anymore. I just want to live and see where life takes me and my family and enjoy the ride.

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