Saturday, June 25, 2011

M. Writing Outside

Tonight we lit a fire out back and actually got some honest to goodness, writing done. The fire pit was stationed on the patio and our children were in bed. The noises around us were there, but not distracting.

I worked on one WIP, while Amy worked on the other. I have to say it was the most relaxing and enjoyable setting for getting writing done, ever.

The flames in the pit danced and frolicked from the wood that we had laid before us. The warmth of the fire was soothing and the summer air was relaxing.

So, I will ask, where is your favorite place to write? Do you prefer silence or the occasional din? And finally, does writing sooth you or stress you?

1 comment:

  1. I'm not too particular about where. I can write just about anywhere, if I really need to.

    And writing fascinates and absorbs me. Thrills me, at least when it's going well. I'm not sure it soothes, exactly... and it certainly doesn't stress me. Possesses me, maybe. That sounds good.