Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tristen & the Whining of the Wind

Book two
M. A. Leslie
With the changes and trials that Tristen Parker had faced in becoming a druid, he thought he could handle anything.  He had his magic and his best friend Brody, what else could a boy need?
But when the St Patrick’s Day festival comes around, he finds that life isn’t as certain as he thought.  New Shannon is in party mode and just about every imaginable fun event is taking place, jugglers, bards, games, relay races, and much more.
However, as the festival progresses a strange sound echoes through the wind.  And, the only way he could describe it was whining.  At first he thinks nothing of it, but as the days go by and whining gets louder, he starts to worry.
Strangely as the whining increases, so do the violent tendencies of his classmates.  Fights break out and kids that were once friends are throwing punches.
Again, Tristen realizes it is up to him to find out the source and stop the infection of evil that is encasing his town.

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