Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A nice, simple post today.  Just wondering, if you had a genie and three wishes.  What would you wish for?

Mine is, more time.  I could use more time in the day.

More money.  Couldn't we all.

I am still thinking about what my third would be.


  1. Greetings from Southern California

    I am your newest follower.

    I invite you to visit and join TOGB.

    Have a Nice Day :-)

    BTW, my 3rd wish would be for 3 more wishes :-)

  2. Welcome to the blog. I will check out TOGB.

  3. I found you through the homestate blogfest. I love that you are sharing this blog! I cannot stop reading long enough to comment or click the follow button. I just made myself! :)
    My three wishes would be
    1. Find time to finish the middle of the book I've been working on!
    2. Contentment, for myself and for everyone.
    3. And to live happily and comfortably, preferably in New York City!


    www.visionsoftlycreeping.blogspot.com (where the blogfest is being written)
    www.ivygrowsinthekitchen.blogspot.com (where I write about my newest love, cooking)

  4. Welcome to our Journey. Thanks for coming by.