Monday, July 18, 2011

M. Fate?

We, Amy and I, were having a discussion last night with a friend. We were going back and forth about fate, specifically, Nostradamus and his predictions.

Amy and I are from the school of thought that people and the world are not destined to do a damn thing. Things do happen for a reason, but it is up to the person to decide what to do with them. I can’t believe that we are all cords cut in space, with a predetermined length.

Others felt that the writings and predictions were too closely related and that our destinies are drawn out at birth. But, then again, the predictions aren’t written with specifics and could be interpreted to fit any necessary event.

I know this is coming from left field, and it’s only a Monday, but it really interests me. As writers and more specifically as people too determined to except no from agents, do you feel your destiny is already decided?

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