Wednesday, July 27, 2011

D is for...

Today, the state of New Jersey is brought to you by the letter D.  Here are a few of the attractions that our Garden state has to offer.

Delaware river/bay - The Delaware river/bay runs most of the eastern coast of NJ to the southern tip, where it opens to the Atlantic ocean.  And, is crossed by several bridges and a ferry.  The water, aside from being a beautiful sight at most points is great for fishing, boating, swimming, and anything else you can think to do in the water.

Double Trouble Village - A small historic village on Island State Park in Central Jersey.  The village includes several historic buildings, including a general store and a school.  It is a beautiful place to view some of our history.

ABC Your Home State

Unfortunately, I can't think of or remember any other D's.  Hopefully we will think of more for E next week.


  1. I love areas with water. It makes me feel calm and relaxed :)
    And I love the name "Double Trouble Village" - that just sounds neat!
    Thanks for participating in the ABC Your Home State challenge :)

  2. Ahh Double Trouble. I've canoed there in the past as well as in the water gap.

    D can also be for dinosaur. We actually have a state one. You can save it for H though since it's a Hadrosaurus!

    D can also be for the lovely town of Deal where I will never ever be able to afford a place to live... :P