Wednesday, July 20, 2011

C is for...

We are giving the ABC of your State Blog Fest a shot, a blog fest set up by Fleur de Aleta.  The idea is, every Wednesday, we have to post a fact about our home state New Jersey for the letter of that week.

We are starting somewhat late, missing A and B, but without further ado, I present the letter C.

The City of Cape May - A great shore town that houses some beautifully designed and preserved Victorian homes.  A gorgeous beach and small shops filled with wares specific to the signs on the buildings.

Cape May County Zoo - Not in the city of Cape May, but in the county.  The zoo houses hundreds of animals, including a tiger, cheetahs, a lion, bears, otters, and much more.  The zoo is place comfortably off the Garden State Parkway and set back in the woods.  Oh yeah, did I mention that it is a free zoo!

Cow Town - In Salem County.  Cow town is the home of the first ever rodeo in the USA and today is the sight of a huge auction for area farmers.  We are still the Garden State.

Camden Aquarium - Set in the center of the Camden Waterfront, the Camden Aquarium is a beautiful Aquarium with thousands of fish and animals.  It is educational and entertaining, the only problem is getting there, the surrounding town isn't the nicest.

Cheesequake National Park - A park in north Jersey that I was recently at for a business BBQ.  The scenery is gorgeous, filled with lakes and trees.  Plus, it has fields and pavilions where you can set up and have fun and picnics.

I am already thinking about what to do next week, the all exciting D.

ABC Your Home State


  1. I'm tickled that you're participating with the challenge! And I love what you wrote about Cape May. I've never been there before, but from the description, it sounds absolutely lovely! Now you have me wanting to go to the zoo and aquarium

  2. Thank you Aleta and welcome to the blog.