Friday, September 24, 2010

M. Reviewing Your Own Work

Have you ever written something then read it to check it for errors.  I am sure that you all have, if you are a writer then you have to every time that you write something down.  That really isn't what I am wondering.  What I want to know is do you ever know what you want to say then write something, thinking that it says what you want it to say, and then go back and reread it thinking that it says the right thing?  I know that is a long confusing question but I am trying here.

Think of it this way.  You want to say, I went to the hall.  But you write I went to the ball.  They appear similar aside from the B and H right.  Except you have been staring at text the whole day and all you can think about is what you wanted to say and you end up skimming over the section, possibly several times.  Maybe this only happens to me but I think that if I didn't have a partner to read behind me then 50% of my mistakes would be missed.

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