Friday, September 17, 2010

M. Location?

Where is your favorite place to write? It really doesn't matter to me as long as I am comfortable. Sometimes I write on my easy chair and other times I find myself sitting at the desk and pounding away at the keys. Then there are the late nights where I am attacking the laptop by a low incandescent light in bed. Basically, as long as I am comfortable though I can write anywhere.

Do you have a specific place that offers you the most inspiration? Do you prefer cuddling up in the easy chair like me or at a desk with perfect posture and proper wrist spacing for typing?

I do think that a writer should have a place that they enjoy doing their work but that shouldn't only be one place in the house or where ever they like to do it. In the world we live in with wireless internet and laptop computers it makes it possible for us to go anywhere and write anywhere, so I say go out there and find your place, maybe even unplug a cord. If that fails you then there is always the old fashion way, which is sometimes my favorite, pick up a pen and paper and just write.

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