Thursday, October 13, 2011

A. Theraputic Writing.

There has been alot going on in my world the last few years. I don't handle stress real well and I tend to bottle things up untill something so mundane makes me go off the rocker.

I have wrote in a journal as a child and whined all my sorrows away and talked about the boy I was crushing over. I am over journal writing.

I was talking to Mike the other day and asked if he waould mind if I wrote about what was going on the last couple years and how  I felt about everything, hoping it could be an outlet to my stress. Mike being the most loving suportive husband there is told me to go for it.

I have started and so far I have a few short stories explaning my family background, why I choose to do this and today after a conversation threw texting with Mike and talking to my mom at work I wrote my first theraputic piece and I have to say it is a scribbled mess, that Mike is going to have to type out. (he is a much faster typer then I). It helped though, I cried through writing most of it out but I did feel  slightly better after getting it out on paper.

I think I just found my new stress reliever and Mike something else to type along with all of our other projects.

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