Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Q is for...

Sorry we are so late to participate, but today was one of those days that kept us from the computer.  Today, in the ABC your home state, we are discussing the letter Q in the state of NJ.
Quizzo - A bar game that is a team based Jeopardy game.  You can find it almost any day of the week in a bar near you.
Quakers - Quakers are a religious group that are best known for their friendliness, the way they dress, and how they literally shake/quake during surmon.  William Penn, the man who's statue is standing on top of the Philadelphia Independance Hall, is the most famous Quaker that we know of.
Quary - Sand and Gravel are a huge commodity that is quaried from the ground in NJ.  The dirt from most Major League Baseball fields comes from NJ.  The color has some significance that has to do with the trees, climate, and texture, but I don't remember what makes it that orangy color.
ABC Your Home State

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