Wednesday, October 12, 2011

O is for...

ABC Your Home State

This week's ABC YOUR HOME STATE hosted by Fleur de Aleta is on the letter O.  This is one of our favorites.

Ocean - One of our greatest assets, resources, and recreational sources in our state is the Atlantic Ocean.  The water isn't exactly clear, but in the summer it is just warm enough to enjoy some body surfing, boogie boarding, and swimming.  Of course, for those who are lucky, there is deep sea fishing, wave runner riding, and boating.  The ocean gives us fun, food, and tourists; I don't know what would happen to Jersey if we didn't have the ocean.

Ocean City - Adjacent to the ocean is Ocean City.  A quaint barrier island that is filled with shopping, amusements, and aside from being a shore town, it is a dry town.  Their main goal is to sell the family image.

Ocean Oasis - A water park in Wildwood NJ that is more of a spa/water amusement park.  There is nothing better than a place that you can have a margarita, slide a water tube, ride the lazy river, hang out with the kids, or go with just adults.  Oh yeah, it does get better for us, it is right down the street.

Lake Oswago - A cedar lake in the Pine Barrens.  Cedar water is water that is dyed to look like Root Beer from the roots of the cedar trees that grow around it.  It may look dirty, but the water is completely clean.  Lake Oswago is one of the many lakes and rivers in the Pine Barrens that have the unique water.

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  1. I've been watching Boardwalk Empire lately, and enjoying the historic portrayal of Atlantic City.