Wednesday, October 19, 2011

P is for...

ABC Your Home State

And now for the ABC YOUR HOME STATE, we bring you the letter P.......

Pine barrens: Little do most of you know, but the state of NJ is 1/3 forest.  The Pine Barrens is a large forest that covers from central the top part of southern NJ.  It is filled with cedar trees, scrubby pines, and lakes and rivers.  The sand floors and woods are the supposed home to the Jersey Devil, just don't get caught there in the middle of the night.

Pirates: Another thing we are famous for is pirates.  There are legends along the Jersey Shore of Black Beard burying his treasure and of pirates from days of old landing and using our shores.

Park place: Along with the rest of the Monopoly board, we have Park Place.  Did you know that the original Monopoly board is based upon Atlantic City?

Ports: Because we have a major river, several cities along the water, and ocean access; the state of NJ has several large sea ports for shipping, trade, and commerce.


  1. I did know that about the Pine Barrens. Only because when my son was little we used to watch the Kratt brothers (and Zaboomafoo) on television. They are from New Jersey and talked about the woods there a lot. So P is also for Public television. :)

  2. The Pine Barrens, aside from the several large fires it has had, are some of the most beautiful woods in our country. Thank you Public television for telling all that will listen.