Wednesday, October 5, 2011

N is for...

This week in the Fleur de Aleta ABC YOUR HOME STATE blogfest we are discussing the letter N.

ABC Your Home State

Newark: Not exactly the greatest part of NJ, but Newark is one of our larger cities and is right outside of New York.  The few times that I was there, I will report, it wasn't clean, it was kind of scary, and it smelled.  For all of you that have heard jokes of NJ, I believe this is where they stem from.

Nor'easter: Not only is NJ hit by several large storms called Nor'easter on a yearly basis, we have a Topsy curvy ride that spins you upside down named after the storm.

North Wildwood: Shore town that is in our backyard and a great place to enjoy a free beach at the Jersey Shore.  Home of the Irish festival, the North Wildwood Beach Writer's Convention (Coming up on 10 years this year), and amazing food, ice cream, and fun.

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  1. Um, I've been to Newark airport. That and the highway to Rutgers is all I've seen of New Jersey. Actually, I thought it was pretty cool that I could look out the window at Newark airport and see New York. Total visitor geek came out in me.