Friday, October 28, 2011

M. A Mess

It is flabergasting how life can change and if one small domino of life falls, the whole line goes with it.  Before you know it your entire life's worth of work, planning, and care are laying on the ground before you like a black and white hazardous waste sight.

Recently, I decided to change employers and follow the same career path, but perform my duties behind a desk.  It was basically the same job, but not backed by the corporate machine.  I pondered the decision and came to the conclusion that the best thing for my family and self was a desk job.  No more driving, there have been far too many close calls.

It all seemed like a great idea, the plan was in place, I was gracefully released from my old employer with well wishes and no burnt bridges.  Slowly I aclimated my way into the world of working behind a desk.  At first everything seemed fine and the world was mine again, but recently things have changed and people that once treated me with respect, stopped.

Now I am finding myself in a situation where all of my carefully placed life's dominoes have been knocked to the ground.  My head is still spinning about the whole situation, but all I can do is sit on the ground and look at the years of lines and planning lay on the ground around me.

Which brings me around to my point.  When all your dominoes fall over, where do you start when it comes time to pick them up?  I guess, all that matters is that you don't just leave them lying there and you actually pick them up.


  1. Hey, shit, sorry to hear about the troubles. I guess you just keep going, pick up the pieces. And sometimes on the far side you find new opportunities. The view in the rearview mirror is often not as bad as we expect.

  2. Thanks Bryan. It is just amazing how fast things can change.

  3. In the blink of an eye.

    As to where to begin to pick them up... I try to start right where the damage was done. If that's too hard, then where I am most comfortable. Although sometimes, I find it easiest to go right back to the beginning again. It sucks, but what else is there to do.