Monday, March 14, 2011


Paperback        EBook

So here it is, Tristen and the Magic Shop.  In about 3 hours it will be available for download through the Amazon Ebook system for $2.99.

The cover still needs work, but the nice thing about Epublishing is being able to tweek the cover after the fact.

If you know any 9 to 15 year olds that like to read fantasy fiction this may be up their alley.  Here is a quick synopsis.


Eleven-year-old Tristen Parker's whole life is changing faster then he can keep up with. Within a matter of months his father was deployed overseas with the military and his mother moved him out of his beloved city and to the small town she grew up in. If those changes weren't enough, he had one other major one that came with them, he just found out he is a magical druid.

After discovering his abilities in a hidden magic shop, behind an alley, his life goes on a whirlwind of spell casting and potion brewing. Unfortunately, all of the magic in the world can't help if you’re being picked on, unless you use it.

With the help of the shop owner, Tristen casts a spell to stop the bullies that were picking on him, but he soon realizes it may have been a mistake. Will he be able to stop the curse that he started or will it spread through his school like a virus before he can get it under control?


  1. Wow, you did it. Congratulations and best of luck on your endeavor!

  2. Thanks, I hope that we can do it.

  3. I always believd in you two... You both are wonderful writers. Congratulations!