Wednesday, March 9, 2011

M. Riddle Me This

Let me start by asking, am I crazy?
All of this talk about Amazon Ebooks and just going for it on the kindle for $1.99 a book has me thinking. I am probably going to upload the children's book that we did earlier last year, TRISTEN AND THE MAGIC SHOP. It received a few partial requests and maybe, just maybe, going for it would be worth it.
I am a half way decent artist and have always wanted to illustrate the cover myself, but haven't because I figured that a publisher would have their own cover artist. Maybe this way we would be able to do it all for ourselves.
Granted, the adult novel that we are working on is still going through the traditional channels and I have no inclination that ebooking it would be the best course of action for that project. But, maybe it would work for the middle grade story.
What do you think? Am I being crazy? I will let you know that I have no twinkles of grandeur over the process and I don't expect to sell that many. I just think it would be an all around cool project to do from the inside out. If anything our kids could look at it and say, "Wow my parents have a book on the Kindle." (Which they use in school.)


  1. I think a lot of novels are coming out of the trunk this week after all the news about e-millionaires.

    I think I'm going to find a padlock for my trunk, though. There's no way I'm letting that thing out into the world. Not unless it undergoes some major reconstructive surgery.

  2. I agree with you, but on the flip side, I opened it up and took a look this week. To be honest I have been through it 2 times and it needed some work, but now this might be the final tweek it needs. I'm thinking one more revision, some illustration, and away I go.