Monday, March 28, 2011

M. Proof Formating

I know that self-publishing isn’t the same as traditional publishing and the traditional route is a goal that I want to head down. However, the other day, we received our first proof copy of the book and all I can say is it was amazing.

There really aren’t words for the way that I felt when it was in my hands and I looked at the cover. Then when the pages were turned and the smell of fresh ink aroma poured into the air like perfume.

It isn’t as amazing as when your kids are born or other milestones in life, but it is definitely a milestone to hit.

Just like all of the rest of this process, we got right to work on it and came back with only a few small quick fixes. Word to the wise with anyone that does this, take their advice before your first print it will save you time.

Margins are extremely important and if you use their templates, at least for the specs that are needed, then you will save yourself time.

Things we missed:

• We had to add an extra blank page between the acknowledgement and first chapter so that it would open the CH 1 on a right page, personal preference.

• The page numbers had to be changed so that they would be alternating odd and even. Otherwise the odd ones are in the gutter of the binding and hard to read.

• Double check, triple check, and apparently quadruple check the table of contents, somehow I still missed one of the chapters and put it on the wrong page.


  1. Gotta be as amazing as the kids being born. Well, almost. :)

    So you're going to do print and e-publishing?

  2. Yeah they make it pretty easy on Amazon.