Friday, March 18, 2011

M. Wild Ride

I have to say, if anything comes out of releasing a Kindle only Ebook, it's excitement.  I can feel adrenaline pumping coursing through my body as if I am working out in an intense workout, but all I am doing is promoting and typing.
I am completely exhausted from all of this and will say that it is definitely work.  Anybody who tells you otherwise is being dishonest.  I promise.

I haven't been on the other side of the spectrum yet, traditional publishing, but I would imagine this is sort of what a fifth of that feels like.  What a rush.

Just for an update, the Facebook page is set up, and we have 32 fans already of great friends and family spreading the word.  In our bracket on Amazon we are 47 out of a 100 overall and 7 out of 100 in new releases, again in our bracket.  The next frontier is Twitter a place that I have yet to travel.  I hope all is well with everyone out there as we pray for our friends in Japan.