Monday, March 7, 2011

M. Winning (I had to go there)

How many rejections does it take to get to the center of your inner Charlie?

One, Two, Three...  Crunch.  The world may never know.

At what point in this whole writing adventure that we have embarked on do we say, da winning? Will all of this subjectivity and positive negativity in the form of a form rejection response finally get to us?
For me I am thinking that I will be alright. So far there haven't been any insane rants or craziness to speak of and I have no thoughts of throwing in the towel, but is there anybody out there that is about to channel some Sheen?
Of course I hope that we can all go through this and get what we want out of it. So basically, stay away from the self mind cleansing rehab, keep writing, and best of luck to all. At least if you are experiencing a lull of inspiration, you can watch as Charlie careens down the black tunnel of future institutionalism.


  1. I think Janet Reid has been on the receiving end of a few Charlie Sheen type outbursts. Every time she publishes one of those "why are you rejecting me" rants on her blog I just shake my head in disbelief that anyone would be such an ass.

    My skin is thicker than it used to be. I only get upset by the near misses these days. So far I haven't cussed anybody out. But I do have Adonis DNA, so you never know... :)

  2. I only occasionally send letter bombs. It's the FBI, you know... so interfering.

  3. Well so far I am glad to hear that none of us are having these feelings. But, as I watch him rant and go, I wonder, is he really a closet Dungeons and Dragons player?
    He talks a bit about Warlocks and Trolls, among other things.