Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Night Fright

I know that I usually blog on Monday and Friday now, but a strange occurrence happened tonight.  It all started just like it always does.  I sat down at the desk and pulled up the internet connection, attempting to get my social networking done for the night. 

At first the buttons on my keyboard started shaking and the thing lifted almost clear off of the desk.  There it just remained hovering over the desk as if suspended by strings.

Amazingly next, the screen of the computer started turning and did a complete 360 on its pedestal.  It was creepy, it was strange, but that wasn't it.

A loud beeping noise started to play from inside of the CPU and forced me to hum the tune in response, otherwise the consequences would have been unspeakable.  The only true comfort was that it seemed to accept my out of tune respones.

So there I was, in my chair (with the NY Giants logo on the back), humming to the sounds, watching the spinning monitor, and trying my best to wrangle up the keyboard.  At first I thought a priest would be in order, but when one of my children came down to see what was wrong, everything went back to normal.  And, I feel the only way to heal is to share my experience.

Oh and by the way, really all that happened was that my new found addiction, Twitter, wasn't working.  That is almost as scary as a possessed computer, right? 

Have you gotten to the point with the social networking craze that I have?  Do you feel anxiety when Blogger/Twitter/Facebook aren't working?


  1. I'm addicted, and if you took away my computer I'd go all Linda Blair on you. :-)

  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one.