Friday, April 15, 2011


After some minimal research, I have learned that you are able to s-pub your book on the Nook.  If you go to Barnes & Nobles PUBIT you can register with B&N and get set up.  Once you are set up it is similar to Amazon and you can post you book.

It seemed easy and I will give everyone a warning, changing a file to an .EPUB was difficult on my end.  For some reasone every time I tired to just upload to them it deleted half of the information or left it blank.  Unfortunately the only advice that I have is to keep trying and eventually it will work.

I was able to convert the file after about what felt like twelve hours of trying into the correct format.  And, amazingly enough our book is now available for the Kindle, the Nook, and in Paperback!

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  1. I'm not too good with the technical stuff. I doubt I could even figure out this much. :P

    If I can't find an agent for this WIP, I'll probably self-pub, though. It's helpful reading about your experience.