Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank You

As usual, I am having problems with my regular schedule.  I know that I said I would blog on Mondays and Fridays, but to be honest, I couldn't think of anything to say.

Then it came to me, after two days of stewing over it.  I wanted to say thank you.  Not just to you, but to you too.

First of course we thank our family and friends.  They support us and help amazingly and without question.  Without them we wouldn't be able to even consider doing this writing thing.

Along the way, we have been able to pick up tid-bits of information and learn emense amounts of knowledge about a business that we used to barely know about.   Just a little over a year ago, we started this journey and really had no direction other then to keep ourselves busy.  Then, one fine day we decided to think about getting published.

Just like all other ventures of this generation, we went to the internet and started looking for the ins and outs, the hows, and the how nots.  What we found was a community of people that gave out support and information willingly without asking for much in return.  At first, we took to Nathan Bransford's blog, who's I still read too much, and followed many of his step by step instructions.  People like Nathan make it possible for many of us to even consider doing this and without the orange crusader the writing community would be lacking in a huge way.  So all we can say is thank you Nathan.

But that wasn't it.  We went further and found Janet Reid, Betsy LernerDystel, and Bookends as well as several other agents who go out of their way to help the cause.

Then of course we have our fellow writers Bryan Russell, Matthew MacNish, and L.G. Smith.  So to all of you we say thank you.  The ways that you helped were selfless and kind in a ways that are hard to describe.


  1. Nathan is the best. No doubt.

    And thank you for that. I love being part of this writing community. I don't know how writers got through their day before the internet connection. Oh, wait, they probably wrote 5k a day and got published. I write that much too, but it's all in blog comments. Doh!

  2. Oh man, you said it best when you mentioned Nathan, that man, his blog, and his forums changed my life. You're so right that it shouldn't be done alone, and we all have so much to learn from each other.

    Thanks for the mention, by the way.

  3. Again everyone, thank you and we look forward to Friday and our next post. You have all been amazing friends that we have never met, but are close to us in ways that are life lasting.