Friday, April 8, 2011

Balancing Act

I feel being an author is like a Tight Rope Walking act, if you have the balance then you'll be able to stay on the rope.

When a person actually sits down in that chair and begins to write, do they really think about what it will lead to?  I know that we all daydream and know what we want it to be like, that's simple.  If you write it, they will come.  Sorry Field of Dreams, but I had to borrow your line.

But that isn't really true in any sense.  Anyone out there that thinks an author has it easy is certifiably crazy.  Yes, they may be right the writing is fairly easy, but what about the next draft and the next and so on.  It is work just to get the manuscript to the point that you would release it for other eyes to read.

Done right!  Not even close.

Now we have the amazing task of convincing the world that the words we constructed into sentences, then paragraphs, then chapters, and finally a story are even worth reading.

After the writing is done and while the writing is going on, an author needs to network and get themselves out there.  You have to juggle Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and any other method of social media that comes along.  But wait, still not done, now you have to set up public appearances and at least start reaching out in your community.  In our case we wrote a MG so we are heading to local schools and talking to them, which I will add have been very receptive.

Once you have written and sold a few copies, the fun really begins.  You basically have to stand in the center of the world and let them strip down your heart and soul, because, face it, that is what you put in your story.  And, whether they love it or hate it, you have to take the criticism with class and a grain of salt.

So if you can get through this easy, simple task of just writing a story, then go for it.  The adventure you will pursue is as exhilarating as any story you will write.  And, in our case we aren't going out and buying private jets, but we have already received payment.  All I have to do is look at my kids eyes when they are holding a copy of our book and it is all worth it. 

I can sit back and be proud to now be an author.  All we have to do now is keep writing and stay on that rope.

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  1. Ah, that was a great post. Some days it feels overwhelming. The thought of getting published seems so far out of reach that I wonder why I bother daydreaming about it. But other days I think I don't even care if I get published. I just like to write, and so that's where I try to focus my energy right now.

    Wow, how fun to go to a school and read your book out loud to the kids.