Friday, April 29, 2011

M. Do You Love Your Characters?

When we had the Question and Answer session at the kids school the other day we were asked several great questions. One that made me think was; how do you create the people in your story?

We thought about it for a minute and then answered together in turns. The best way that I can describe it is that you need to love them like you would your own child. You create them, you mold them, even more then your own children.

Your kids have free will and can truly decide to choose their own path, but your characters will only follow the path you set before them. They will face the blockades that you set up. When they hurt, you hurt. You really have to love the characters in the stories that you write to make them come to life. Life in the absence of love is worthless. Everybody loves something and knows what love can feel like.

Channel true love into the heart of your characters and words on a page will take form and gasps of breath.

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