Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Eyes Opened in a Time of Darkness

Everything happens for a reason.  It really does.

This past year has been nothing but a freefall for my family and I.  It all started not too much longer than a year ago.

I woke one morning with a strange feeling, it was like stepping on the floor of a rocking ship.  Then my world went blurry and my vision was doubled.  Along with all of that I had trouble with speech and motor skills.  There were several other symptoms that came with the issues, but that isn't really that important.  What happened next is.

I went to the doctors and then another doctor and another.  The symptoms and possible diagnosis came for about a year and just recently, the problem has been fixed and I am "normal" again.  The medication that I take fixes it and thankfully I am finally able to drive again and allowed to return to work.

The stupid medical issue isn't really the story though.  What happened to my wife and I is really the amazing thing.  We rekindled an old passion for writing and given the time together, we were able to complete a few manuscripts (Self publish one of them), have a few that are half-way there, and several others outlined for the future.

What we are starting to realize is that maybe the last year of hell was something we had to go through.  If life had gone the way it was going (Before I got sick), would we have started writing again?  I really don't think we would have, at least not for the next twenty years.

If anything came from this last year it was a reawakening to our passion, writing.  Maybe, just maybe it had been worth it and now the biggest problem that we will have is finding a way to juggle our day jobs with hours of writing, review, and rewriting. 

Our friend, Mary Jane always told my wife, "Life happens when you're making plans."  I find this to be one of the truest statements I ever heard.

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  1. Moments like that make you shake your head at the universe sometimes.

    And I don't know if the title of the post is a title of a book already, but if not, it's a good one. Use it.