Monday, November 29, 2010


The genre of romance is easier to describe than most of the rest. It is often coupled with other genres and can stand alone, but usually doesn’t. The plot will mainly focus on the relationship of the protagonist or a possible relationship and the many trials and tribulations that the said hero goes through to find love.

As is the way with most writing, the romance novel has no roof or ceiling and the only one that can limit the story is the writer. The story can be told in any time, place, or world that the writer sees fit. The main key goals that must be met in the story though are; there has to be a main plot revolving around the relationship between two characters that are falling in love or are in love and that the ending must have a happy ending with the pair coming out on top, despite the horrors or tests the writer put them through.

Romance is a simple concept if you think about it and anyone can write it, the only thing that you would need for experience would be to once have felt the feeling of love for another.

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