Friday, November 12, 2010

M. HP Crosses Generation Gaps Just Like Bon Jovi

Harry Potter Crosses Generation Gaps Just Like Bon Jovi.

Very few books in the world can be read by a small child and then enjoyed by that child's parent.  Only to have been recomended by his grandmother in the first place.  Harry Potter can.  In the music world Bon Jovi does that and I feel that JK Rowling may have been the only writer to create a generation spanning character that can be enjoyed equally by an eight year old and an eighty year old.  I know in our car, my wife and I will sing along to a Bon Jovi song and both of our children will happily join the chorus.  And just like Rowlings, their grandparents know all the words and love Bon Jovi too.  I realize it isn't exactly the same but it is close.  The stretch across generations.  Amazing, yes.  But obviously it can be done in the literary and music industries.


  1. I love the fact that you all share a love of Harry Potter. But,really, Bon Jovi? Isn't that like child cruelty? ;)

  2. Come on now. We are from Jersey, it is part of our duty to force our children to listen to them, I mean let them listen to them.

    Yesterday on the Today show they did a free concert and there was a group of women standing in the croud. They were from at least three generations and they were all singing the same song just as passionately. Sorry, I can't help but love them and Harry Potter.