Monday, November 15, 2010

Unknown Diagnosis

Unknown Diagnosis

M. A. Leslie

The room is shifting, but not like a merry-go-round,
The room is moving from side to side,
Shaking left, shaking right, and the room teeters like a boat,
Seasick and nausea, can’t walk straight, always falling,
Can’t drive, trouble talking, stuttered speech,
Blurred vision that is sometimes double,
Can’t shake feeling, never ending, not always awful,
But the symptoms are never fading.

Doctor’s visits, knowledge aplenty,
Tests and scans, Tubes and darkness,
Blood drawn and taken, tested, and prodded,
Still no answers, still nothing concrete,
Doctors trying, guessing, practicing,
Hypothesis, possible diagnosis, medication, but still not working,
Side effects, symptoms remain.

The walls are moving around, can’t walk through them,
Step forward but go right,
Headache, migraine, pain, constant,
The eyes are moving shifting, crazy,
Can’t see at times, dangerous walking, still seasick,
Headache for days that will not pass,
Eight days go by migraine pulling behind the eyes,
Wake on day nine, symptoms gone, better,
Healed and healthy, problems are gone.

Back to work, back to normal,
Life is better, life is right,
Symptoms passed and not returning,
Driving, working, and living.
Four months gone, while sick,
Three weeks well, not a glitch or a problem.

Evil symptoms again returning,
Symptoms return, after one month well,
After four months of uncertain hell,
Problems return, still no answers,
Return to doctors for practiced opinions,
Problem continues and now is different,
All of the same as before but now hands burning,
Diagnosis, unknown, testing prodding, waiting,
Again, back to waiting with no answers,
Unknown Diagnosis.

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