Monday, November 8, 2010

M. Being Tested

Life is strange how it works and how it doesn't work sometimes. All things happen for a reason is what I have always been told and I believe it, but I just wish I knew what that reason was when it was happening. It is kind of upsetting to be in the middle of the thing that isn't working out and trying to tell yourself, "It is happening for a reason." I just don't know why that’s all.
It really irks me that as people we are always test to find out how strong we are. I am always satisfied when I pass the tests, but I am getting to a point in my life now where I would like to know that the test has been passed and maybe, just maybe I have gotten a good enough grade. Unfortunately though, in life there is no graduation. You just keep going from one test to the other and hope to god that you can pass the next one with as much class and strength as you did the last.
Just remember that you will always be tested and it isn't if you pass or fail, it is how you carry on.

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