Thursday, May 24, 2012

M. Haunted II

Okay, so most of you have come to know me as a reasonable person, right?

I believe in other existences.  Don't you?  It would be unfathomable to think that there is no other plane of existence.  When a soul dies, is lost, goes away, where does it go?  We wrote a book about it... aka The Missing.

Well, a few weeks ago, Amy wrote about how our house may be haunted and that we may have a visitor.  Guess what, I believed her on one level, but couldn't itemize any proof because I hadn't seen any.  I am a logical person in many ways, except for the fact that I am open minded to things out of my understanding.

Anyway, that's all well and good, but what's important is that today, I EXPERIENCED MY FIRST DIRECT OCCURANCE OF THE OTHER KIND!!!!!

I got home, buffed a few scratches out of my Sister-in-laws car, and went in the house alone.  I got changed.  I put on a pair of shorts, because I hate wearing pants when I don't have to, and headed for the front door.  What was nuts was, I pulled open the front door and a voice from behind me called "Michael!"

It was loud enough to make me spin around and look for my mother-in-law (The only person that calls me Michael).  Expect she wasn't there.  There was nobody there.  NOBODY!!!

Needless to say, my goose bumps on my arms were the size of Redwoods and I got the hell out of there as fast as I could.  Judge me, say what you will, but guess what, you weren't there.

I am now writing about it, in my bed, on my computer, in my house, but not without looking for my new found friend.

Is this family specter really FRIENDLY?????
 Will they ever tell me their real name???

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  1. We had a ghost in our house when I was a kid. Mr. Morgan. It's said ghosts can attach themselves to an object(s) in their house, which we inherited a whole bunch of furniture when my parents bought the house. Needless to say, Mr. Morgan has been haunting us through 5 houses and 3 states for the last 40 years. He's quite the impish character. He takes things and hides them. Car keys that you know you left on the table appear on the kitchen counter. Sunglasses in the bathroom appear in the kids bedroom. He's not malicious, just playful.

    I watch "Ghost Hunters" on the Sy-Fy channel which is also a lot of fun. They have some nifty gadgets to get ghosts to "talk" to them. You should try it and see what happens.

    I'm sure your ghost was only trying to say hello. He or she is probably just lonely.