Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 It has been awhile since I have blogged. We have been very busy with the move and unpacking, then my daughters First Holy Communion and now we have Dace recital just around the corner.  I love being busy but really need a little break.

We have been in our house for just about a month now and we really do love it.  The other night though i was tossing and turning and stressing, I was just accepted in to a nursing program and we are trying to find a way to make it all work out. While i was unable to sleep, I heard a small voice say "stop stressing and go to sleep" kind of freaked me out and I thought I am really losing it. I got up the next morning thinking wow what a weird night. 

I went about my day and basically forgot about my strange night until I was cooking dinner. My daughter had done something that landed her in her room until dinner was ready. While I was cooking I saw a gray flash dart from the direction of her room toward my room. I slowly walked around the counter and there was nothing there. I called to my daughter who poked her head out of her room. So now i am really freaked out.

Later that night I invited my parents over for a glass of wine. I proceed to tell my mom what had happen. She can usually sense spirits.  She told me I was crazy and walked outside to smoke. When she came in she started to laugh, and said "your right you have a playful spirit here. Great I thought!!

I am still pretty freaked but maybe my new housemate might bring some new inspiration if we decide to right another ghost story.

So do YOU believe?

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