Monday, September 19, 2011

Worst Movies Ever Blogfest!

The Worst Movies Ever BLOGFEST!!!!! Brought to you today by fellow blogger Alex Cavanaugh.

So here we go, we have to come up with no more than 10 of what we feel are the worst movies ever to come out in theaters and on DVD.

1. The Master of Disguise: As we have both discribed from the moment we stood up, this is two hours of our lives that we will never get back.  The characters were horrible, the actors were aweful, and the plot wasn't there.

2. Shark Boy and Lava Girl: For all of the people that read this and don't have kids, let us stop your future children from watching this.  It is a dumb attempt to rewrite The Never Ending Story in a different way, but they failed miserably.  Save yourself the trouble and don't watch this one.

3. Batman and Robin: What a waste of money.

4. Waiting to Exhale: More like waiting for the movie to end.

5. The Grudge: Not our favorite scary movie, it was too unrealistic.

6. Little Nicky: Even though we are huge Adam Sandler fans, this isn't his best work.

7. Mom and Dad Save the World: What were they thinking?

8. Problem Child: They all were pretty bad so we will let you pick which ever one you think was the worst.

9: It's Pat: We still don't know what Pat and Chris are.  Do you?
10: King Pin: Parts of it were stupid funny, but for the most part it lacked in any quality.


  1. I think I'm lucky the only movie on your list I've seen is Batman and Robin. I somehow managed to survive that one with my eyes still functioning. :)

  2. Batman and Robin could've made my list. I didn't like The Grudge either.
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  3. Batmand and Robin was an oversight on my part.

  4. wow, thank you... i have disagreed with 90% of the sites i have visited... you win the i totally agree with you.

  5. I haven't heard of any of these movies, except for Batman and Robin, since it's disliked by a lot of other blogfest participants. :P

  6. you have some good choices on there! Little Nicky is probally the only Sandler flick I didnt like

  7. Little Nicky was so horrible. I've seen it on a few lists and I can't believe I forgot to add it to mine.

  8. It's Pat umm Hatt, see I'm not that bad..haha...yeah all of those were crap, especailly the master of disguise and the grudge was god awful.

  9. Thank you everyone for checking out our list. We are glad that you enjoyed it and now, a day late, we are checking out as many as we can.