Thursday, September 15, 2011

A. Back to School Night!

Our children had their back to school night last. It was such a wonderful change from last year. Our children go to Catholic School as i am sure many of your towns have been faced with, we merged three catholics school in to one last year and we now share the building with the local Catholic High School as well. Last year was when this all took place and it was a tough year for all. Our school was very divided. The staff at the school worked hard in tryong to bring everyone together. They had a rough time. A few parents one who my husband and I have grown close to, decided to take matters in to her own hands and started setting up parent get togethers after schoool. Well it worked! This year when back to school night was last night, and what a difference. There was no dividing and all the parents and teachers have formed into the school communtity that made us choose Catholic school to begin with. It was a great relief.

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  1. Looking forward to your picks for the Worst Movies Ever blogfest on Monday!