Wednesday, September 21, 2011

L is for...

Here we are in week L in the ABC of your home state blogfest, hosted by Fleur de Aleta.

ABC Your Home State
In the state of New Jersey, L is a popular letter; here we go!
Long Beach Island: So named because of the length from tip to tip.  Long beach is one of the barrier islands of NJ and houses several towns in one.  The beachs are clean, beautiful, and the home to the original Ron Jon Surf Shop.  Also, we aren't sure as to what the lore is behind the stories, but Black Beard was said to frequent it.
Lakehurst: Town in northern NJ that is best known for being the site that the Hindenburg crashed, however the zeppelin really crashed at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station that wasn't within the city limits.
Lighthouses: They are always a guiding light home and they line the entire coast line.

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