Monday, January 3, 2011

M. Your real life and your real fiction

Today I was doing some reading and editing of the original MS and as I was reading through, I started to think of the characters in it.  There are quite a few, if not all, that resemble the people I know in an uncanny way.  Most of their personalities are similar to the people in my life and the ones around me.  The way they carry themselves and converse with each other is vaguely familiar and for some even the way they look.

I started to think of the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy coming home to her little farm house.  All of the characters in her story had matched with people that were in her real life.  And in one way or another the fictional characters matched the ones in her real world.  Do we all do that when we think of our own fictions?  Do we find a way to incorporate the people around us and influence us when we write our own stories?

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  1. Well, I try not to. I mean, we can't completely escape our own life experience, and shadows of it will certainly appear in our stories. But I try really hard not to have any direct relation. Seems safer!