Thursday, December 16, 2010

M. Writer?

I was reading Betsy Lerner's blog last night and she was asking what specifly makes someone a writer.  Here.  There is a great few contridictions about the walls and barriers that we hit as writers but my comment is, "I say that I am a writer. It is up to agents and publishers to make me an author."

I have already become a writer just by writing and nobody can take that from me.  It doesn't matter to me if what I write is ever read or published, it would be nice, but not the main goal.  Writing is a soothing outlet for me that I have found to be as enjoyable as reading.

Don't get me wrong, I will continue to try to get published and send query letters out.  I will read the query shark and get suggestions from Betsy on how to do all of these things, but if it never happens, I am still a writer.

Do it because you love to do it and don't give up no matter what and don't let a label stop you from your goals.

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